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Interlocking Outdoor Tile Toronto

Tips for Finding and Hiring a Contractor to Remodel Your Condo

Most condo owners will want to make changes to their unit at some point to give it an updated look and feeling. Installing new cabinets and counter-tops, changing paint colors, and even adding outdoor deck tiles over your cement patio can liven up your home. Before you jump head first, into remodeling your home, the first thing you will want to do is review your condo association’s rules and requirements.…

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Interlocking Outdoor Tile Toronto

Amenities at Condo Communities Can Make a Huge Difference for Buyers

In recent years, condo ownership has grown significantly in many areas throughout the GTA and surroundings. Part of the appeal in purchasing a condo over a traditional single family home, is the wide range of amenities new owners are enjoying. Amenities have become one of the major focal points used to compare the pro’s and con’s whilst shopping for a new home. The list of amenities one may find at…

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The Benefits of Prefabricated Deck Tiles

Deck tiles provide a wonderful solution to cover up unsightly stained concrete surfaces on patios, balconies, and entry ways, faded decking, and other flat areas around the outdoors of your home or condo. They offer very elaborate and stylish patterns to give you the flexibility to create your own unique designs and finished appearances. You are free to mix and match the outdoor flooring tiles using a variety of colours…

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Staging Techniques Help Prepare Your Condo for Sale

When you are getting ready to sell your condo, you will want to make sure it is appealing for potential buyers. Not everyone will appreciate your own tastes and colour preferences. Staging techniques are essential to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, where people can start to picture themselves living in the home, which leads to purchase offers and faster sales. There are several steps for proper staging of the…

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Tips to Make Moving Into Your New Condo Easier

Purchasing your first condominium in Toronto or surrounding areas is a fun and exciting process, especially for first time buyers. Consider making the your leap into your new home a smooth process; The following, are some key tips to mull over, before and after you have closed and taken possession of your new home. Tip #1 Talk to the condo association and use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself,…

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Pros/Cons of Buying a Condo

There are pros and cons to buying a condo when you are in the market for a new home. Condos are a great option for first time home buyers, who are ready to take plunge into purchasing property, but may not be ready to purchase a single family dwelling. Considering the number of new condominium development projects in the GTA, the thoughts of purchasing a brand new condo, where everything…

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Interlocking Outdoor Tile Toronto

Things to Verify When Purchasing a Pre-Construction Condo

The housing market boom over the recent years is largely in part to do with the growth of the condo market segment. Many more consumers are buying into the ‘Condo Lifestyle’ in Toronto and Vancouver, most of which are still in the pre-construction phase. The thought of owning a brand new, affordable home, in an exclusive region, alludes to most consumers situated in these areas. Something that no one else…

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What Is Thermory Hardwood Ash Decking?

Thermory ash hardwood is derived from a revolutionary scientific heat treatment process leaving it impenetrable to rot and water. This technique was developed to provide consumers with an environmentally conscious decking option in place of traditional tropical hardwoods. Although this process was developedsome time ago, (originating in Europe as of the 1990’s) only recently have Thermory ash woods penetrated the North American market as a completely new option for suppliers…

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