Outdoor Grass Tile Inserts

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Outdoor Tile Grass Inserts

The green of nature at your very tipy toes; Our synthetic but realistic grass tile inserts offer a unique drainage system with perforated backings for ease in care and cleanup. Ideal for creating designated play areas, pet pads and private sanctuaries.


• Horizontal and lateral drainage when laid directly on a foundation

• Does not include risers for additional water/air flow (available upgrade)

• Composed of synthetic grass topper with treated wood tile constructed of premium grade lumber

• Synthetic grass equipped with perforated rubber backing – ideal for optimal water flow


Dimensions (Assembled)

H: 1 .625 (in.) x W: 23.75 (in.) x L: 23.75 (in.)

Dimensions (Dissembled Grass)

H: 1 (in.) x W: 23.50 (in.) x L: 23.75 (in.)

Dimensions (Dissembled Backing)

H: 0.625 (in.) x W: 23.75 (in.) x L: 23.75 (in.)


11 lbs. (Assembled)


Synthetic Grass

Rubber Backing - cryogenic rubber infill made of 100% recycled tires

Grass - Feathered PVC


PAD (partly air dried) grade 2 wood or better - spruce/pine mixture

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