Toronto’s Source For Balcony Flooring Products

Toronto’s Source For Balcony Flooring Products

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What Makes Us Toronto’s Balcony Flooring Experts

Designer Deck has proudly served the Greater Toronto Area and beyond for the past four decades, taking part in many of Canada’s most significant development projects, both completed and in progress. We have achieved success and recognition in a niche market by continuing to push industry standards and meet the growing demands. We take great pride in our focus on the core elements of our company, which has resulted in our solid and reliable reputation in the building industry.

Here are a few of the valued clients we work with.


A Wide Range of Outdoor Balcony Flooring

At Designer Deck, we endeavour for excellence, consistently taking on new and varied tasks within the construction industry. To continue growing and building on our experiences, we prioritize staying ahead of the curve by striving to exceed our best abilities. We value the opportunity to face new challenges and are constantly seeking ways to become more diverse and our outdoor flooring products more versatile. Here are the core elements of Designer Deck’s approach:

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  • Our balcony flooring products are tailor-made to meet a variety of needs. With versatility in mind, Designer Deck’s outdoor flooring solutions have been designed to adapt to various applications, such as excessive sloping that requires additional height build-up and can sometimes occur on flat roof surfaces. As such, our collection of deck tile lines can be equipped with additional parts to overcome challenging scenarios.The most common surface type we lay our deck tiles on is called ‘Torch Down – 2 Ply’.  It’s really what most builders use today.  Depending on the finish of the substrate, it can sometimes have extreme variation that requires more attention than our traditional levelling methods.  This builder had homes with drainpipes on each terrace that were raised much higher than usual.  We tackled the issue by integrating our meshed levelling plates to create a more uniform surface, especially around these areas.  Our balcony floor tiles can be easily integrated with these parts if and where necessary.
  • Our advantage over the competition is the ability to control every aspect of production from the initial design to the final installation. We design and manufacture our own products, allowing us to make changes on the fly in order to adapt to situations, such as height code restrictions.With no middleman or vendors to interfere, Designer Deck retains control over the entire process through vigorous testing to bringing our balcony flooring ideas into the marketplace. This allows us to achieve the hands-on approach we’ve built our business upon and the creative input that makes our products unique. Using condo regulations as an example, height restrictions around code can sometimes interfere with what type of flooring is allowed outdoors. Our product lines can be equipped upon order, with low profile wood risers that assist with keeping the overall height of the product as close to the foundation as possible, whilst still providing optimal water and air flow.
  • Our condo balcony flooring can also be tweaked to work in extreme conditions such as areas that exposed to direct sunlight and excessive heat.Featured here, is an example of a 700sq.ft terrace installed with our Vivid Collection of Recycled Plastic (Wide Board) in the colour taupe. The builder was seeking a cost-effective but sleek option to finish a home he was in the process of creating and selling to an exclusive client. This modern balcony design collection of flooring is typically installed on surfaces 200 sq. ft or less due to extreme expansion with exposure to the heat. To accommodate, we released a new system of silicone bumpers installed on the tile’s edges and created a 3/8” gap between each piece. The customer was elated with the outcome, and it has held up wonderfully, even in direct sunlight. Our silicone bumpers can be added if/where required to curb this potential issue and mitigate buckling/shifting.
  • Designer Deck is known for our ability to think outside the box and consistently push the envelope. We are especially proud of our Porsets tile line; a unique flooring solution designed to cover outdoor balconies, terraces and patios with porcelain material at a fraction of the cost. Innovative products such as this, make us an industry leader in problem-solving and new product lines.

    Designer Deck’s patented Porsets tile is composed of a proprietary support frame designed to accommodate a slim 3/8” thick porcelain tile rather than the industry standard ¾.” It can be laid on any surface, connected seamlessly, adjusted perfectly in height and is completely groutless providing drainage/air flow . It was designed, rigorously tested and patented in response to a trend with this emerging material being used in exterior applications. Most importantly, the product’s price comes in anywhere between $5-8/sq.ft cheaper than any competitive brand that exists to date. Learn More


Balcony Flooring Services & Equipment

We pride ourselves on responding quickly and professionally to our client’s projects. Our turnkey services and equipment make us a valuable resource when momentum builds and customer satisfaction is required long after the project has been completed. This is a rare commitment that many tradesmen no longer provide, and we make sure our clients reap the benefits.

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  • Adept project estimation
  • Healthy inventory stockpiles and access to local raw material suppliers equal rapid turnaround times.
  • Dedicated full-time & experienced installers (not sub-contracted) are assigned to regions for fast scheduling to meet site deadlines.
  • Specialized equipment capable of clearing areas of ice/snow to accommodate year-round work.
  • Experienced project managers assigned to work with your site staff and always maintain open, detailed and professional communication.

Our experienced personnel, are capable of breaking down the finer details of your project when costing is crucial to your company’s success. We provide professional and free estimation services in a timely manner, so you can plug in the figures you’re seeking in the short term and ensure the same professionalism down the line. From start to finish, Designer Deck is the trade you can rely on to get the job done.


Fair Treatment

As a family-owned business, Designer Deck also sees our employees as family. Since day one, our mission has been to “give back,” which we accomplish by ensuring our staff are taken care of, respected and appreciated in every aspect of their roles. From ethics, safety, organization, accountability and most importantly, the way they are compensated for their time, our staff shows up ready and willing day after day.  One might ask, “How does this impact me?”

Our answer is that when employees are happy and satisfied with their working environment, it creates an ideal setting for them to be more productive and dependable. When you hire a Designer Deck contractor, you can trust that your project is in the hands of a reliable, motivated, and qualified tradesman.


Premium Balcony Flooring Products

We create, manufacture and install.  Having complete control over this entire process has served us well and is equally reflected in the quality of our product lines.  Upon installation of the balcony flooring, we’re continuously receiving essential feedback from our employees, which assists in improving and designing new outdoor balcony flooring options.  All product lines are tested in our facility under rigorous conditions before going to market. The results are manifested in durable balcony floor tiles built to last and constructed to be aesthetically pleasing but, most importantly, functional.  Take pride in your purchase; we’ve taken pride in building a product worthy of your investment.

Unlike any other tile format on the market, our Opulent Collection of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) is available in a 4’ x 1’ size format, which achieves a sleek, long and elegant pattern finish. Featured here, they have been artfully laid on an open terrace. Like all our other flooring options, these balcony flooring tiles are equipped with pressure-treated wood risers that elevate the product off the surface it sits upon, allowing for superior drainage and airflow. Learn More


Competitive Pricing on All Our Outdoor Balcony Flooring

No one beats our prices, guaranteed! If you’re able to locate a product of identical features and material, we’re prepared to roll up our sleeves, sharpen our pencils and work to earn your business. Having been in this industry for many years now, Designer Deck leans heavily on manufacturing to eliminate the middleman and achieves the competitive prices the construction industry demands. We also source from local suppliers, so logistics play a significant role in cutting down costs, which equals better margins for you! Learn More


Customer Care & Warranties

It has become abundantly clear in the construction industry that trades who stand behind their work are the ones you can rely on time and again. This motto has become a key part of our operation with ongoing efforts to serve all our project sites, even after the installation has been completed. We take it one step further by ensuring efficient response times to your work orders, met with the utmost professionalism when your homeowner demands repairs. Solid and reliable warranties also give you the peace of mind you depend upon, knowing that you’ve selected a product and company capable of meeting your needs when you need them the most. Learn More


Best Practices

Construction sites are dangerous environments, and we respect that. As with our counterparts, we are also governed by tight OHSA regulations while working in a construction zone. Designer Deck takes strategic steps to ensure our employees are safe and, instil confidence that we’re keeping current with the laws and practices required of all trades. As part of our health and safety program, we focus on the key components that exemplify compliance onsite and help you to avoid the Ministry breathing down your neck.

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  • We use only CSA-approved PPE gear that is inspected and tested regularly.
  • Weekly tool talks are designed to be engaging and focused on relevant topics, ensuring quality participation, organization and tracking using a dedicated digital app.
  • Proof of staff training is always current and available upon request.
  • A dedicated site safety representative is assigned to your project site.

Using specialised CSA approved equipment such as this door bar jam anchor, we can confidentially ensure our team members abide by code and are protected from fall risks. Our crews come equipped with this PPE (and more) for tying off, when no structural elements are available on the exterior of your units/lots. It’s designed to have two installers attached, working simultaneously and can withstand a static fall of up to 4600lbs. In addition to which, it creates the solid anchor that’s required by law, without causing damage to the finish of your home at which point our forces are typically called upon to do our part. .

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