Thermory Hardwood Tile


Thermory Hardwood Outdoor Tiles

If you’re looking to make a statement, go no further; Our rich, luxurious hardwood tile made of North American White Ash, whispers sophistication. Introducing a revolutionary new process known as thermo-modification. This scientific treatment makes hardwood impermeable to nature’s destructive elements. Designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, positioned to leave your home dripping in class, this is a beautiful addition for those looking to make an investment that will last.

Note: Installation styles available for this product line- Parquette


  • This tile is manufactured with wider wood slats measuring 2" in width each.
  • We offer annual care and maintenance servicing for this product (cleaning & oiling of wood)


• Horizontal and lateral drainage when laid directly on a foundation

•Proprietary wood treatment process allows for longevity, prevents cupping and gives the material dimensional stability compared to conventional hardwoods.

•Can be left to age (oxidize) naturally without any maintenance or oiled annually for a deep rich luxurious look.



H: 1 - 1/8 (in.) x W: 23.75 (in.) x L: 23.75 (in.)


20 lbs.


Thermal treated North American White Ash


This process is fairly new to the north american market where in fact, it has actually existed for quite some years now in Europe. Designer Deck is the only company offering exclusive access to a deck tile that has been thermory heat treated. This revolutionary technique involves cooking hardwoods to the point of almost burning, thus altering the cellular structure of the wood and sealing it permanently. This treatment process renders the material impervious to moisture decay, mildew, termites and fungus. In addition, thermory treated woods are far more dimensionally stable with respect to cupping and warping which typically affect any outdoor wood.

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