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In a small cozy condominium, the outdoor balcony is one of the most cherished places for many residents. The condo balcony is a secluded, intimate area where you can enjoy a change of scenery from the indoors. Whether you want to bask in the warm sunlight or simply take a deep breath of fresh air, your balcony is an enticing space for hours of relaxation.

As you spend time in the condo balcony, you may wish to personalize this area with more comfort and style. There are many ways to decorate the balcony lounge area for a small condo or apartment. From the condo balcony flooring to the various furniture choices, every detail enhances the atmosphere of your surrounding environment.

While the design aesthetics are important, the best balcony lounge ideas will also take your practical needs into consideration. Do you intend to use your balcony lounge for reading, dining, or entertaining? Each activity comes with its own unique set of design elements. You may require new furniture pieces or different flooring options based on how the balcony is used.

Let’s explore these seven balcony lounge ideas for small apartments and condos in greater detail:

Idea #1: Enhance your condo balcony flooring

A great balcony lounge idea is to enhance your condo balcony flooring.
In a small condo balcony, the flooring is an important design element that will largely define the outdoor area. The colour, texture, and materials used in the balcony flooring will have a notable impact on the visual space. Among the many flooring designs and styles available, condo deck tiles are one of the most popular options. These tiles are designed with a smooth linear pattern, which can create a sense of optical spaciousness and utilitarian definition to your balcony enclosure,

Idea #2: Pick compact & comfortable balcony furniture

Compact & cozy furniture are great balcony lounge ideas for smaller condos.
Some of your furniture choices might be limited due to the size of your condo balcony. Nevertheless, a small balcony lounge area can be glamorized by monitoring the scale of your furniture. An oversized chair can make the balcony space feel minuscule with not much room to navigate. In contrast, an apartment-size sofa, which is close to the ground, will have the opposite effect.

Instead of using multiple chairs, add a corner couch to maximize the seating space and define the area. Use outdoor throw pillows to add texture and amplify the décor. If there’s still enough space, you can also include a cozy reading chair, a matching table, and several pillar candles for ambiance.

Ottomans would be another great furniture addition. The ottomans are often recommended for balcony lounges in small condos due to their functionality. They can be used as coffee tables, as footrests, or as extra seating when needed.

Idea #3: Mix and match different furniture styles

Try to mix and match different furniture styles for your condo balcony lounge.
Although a matching furniture collection looks elegant, it can feel a bit restricting to stick with just one style. The uniformity is especially noticeable in a small balcony space. Instead, add personality and texture to your condo balcony with mismatched décor from different eras. Textured pieces, such as a vintage chair paired with a small contemporary sofa, can make a balcony look as seamless as it would with a complete set.

Idea #4: Decorate the balcony with flowers & plants

A good balcony lounge idea is to decorate it with flowers and plants.
Nothing makes a condo balcony prettier than decorating it with flowers. Plants are great balcony lounge ideas for small apartments because they don’t take up a lot of space. Plus, their placements are very versatile. They can be placed on tables, hanged on walls, or positioned by a corner somewhere, depending on how much allotted space you have.

Leafy beauties like ferns and spider plants give the balcony an interesting texture, while blooming perennials like tulips or daffodils add a lovely colour to your balcony. You can even buy planters that match the theme of your outdoor balcony lounge. If you don’t like gardening, go for low-maintenance plants, especially those from the succulent family. Even a single flower in a vase will introduce a pleasant ambiance to your balcony space.

Idea #5: Set up a hammock on your balcony

Setting up a hammock can be a great balcony lounge idea for small condos.
Want to kick back your feet and relax in your balcony lounge after a long day’s work? You might be interested in installing a hammock to fill up your balcony lounge area. This hammock will be the focal point of your small condo balcony, so pick a bold colour or an interesting pattern to spruce up the appearance.

Idea #6: Add an outdoor dining room

A good idea is to turn your condo balcony lounge into an outdoor dining room.
Many condo residents love the concept of turning their balcony lounge into an outdoor dining room. There’s a whimsical charm to enjoying a morning coffee, an afternoon snack, or a late-night glass of wine in the backdrop of the gorgeous balcony scenery. For this design idea, you can create a compact dining space with a small table and some chairs. You may also want to keep napkins, cups, and utensils in a storage space nearby.

On days with good weather, you may wish to cook your meals outside. If this sounds appealing to you, a small electric grill would be a great addition to your balcony lounge. The grill enables you to cook some tasty burgers and seared kebabs for lunch or dinner. You can even entertain a few guests and prepare a barbecue feast out there on your balcony.

Idea #7: Turn your balcony lounge into a home office

Another good idea is to turn your balcony lounge into a home office.
With the recent popularity of working from home, it can be an interesting idea to turn your condo balcony into a home office. This is a great arrangement when you need privacy and distance from the other residents of the condo, which the balcony enclosure provides. Some people enjoy also working in an outdoor location, which can feel more relaxing and comfortable than a confined room.

To maximize productivity, it would be best if you set up the balcony with proper office furniture. Even in smaller condo balconies, there should be enough room to fit a compact office desk and a comfortable chair. Once everything is assembled, you can take your laptop outside and work in a unique home office environment unlike any other.

Whether you have a large or small balcony lounge, Designer Deck offers many stylish flooring options for condominiums of any size. Contact us to learn more about our collections of condo balcony flooring and deck tiles.