7 Condo Balcony Ideas and Design Trends in 2020

Summer is marked by the arrival of sunny weather, warm temperatures, and a bubbling enthusiasm to spend more time in the outdoors. For many urban condo residents, the balcony looks more enticing with each passing day. This is the perfect season to step outside onto the balcony flooring, with a cool beverage in your hands, and bask in the warmth of the summer sun.

The summer season is best enjoyed when your condo balcony has been designed and decorated thoughtfully. Your aim is to create a chic outdoor space that feels cozy and inviting. With just a few special touches here and there, you can turn your condo balcony into an urban oasis, fit for relaxation during the hot sunny days and long summer nights.

Are you ready to give your balcony the stylish makeover it deserves? These following design trends and latest condo balcony ideas can serve as inspiration for your next renovation project!

Idea #1: Recycled plastic flooring tiles

Recycled plastic flooring tiles are good options for condo balcony design.
Many of the best condo balcony design ideas have a strong ecofriendly focus. Nowadays, sustainability goes beyond just a contemporary design trend. There is an entire progressive movement towards using organic materials to preserve the environment. Is it possible to create a stylish condo balcony, and still reduce your carbon footprint, by being sustainable in your designs?

Of course, the answer is ‘yes’!  One of the most environmentally friendly ideas is to use recycled plastic deck tiles as your balcony flooring option. With these naturally made flooring tiles, you will be amazed at how the recycled plastic material has been engineered to look just like real wood. If you want to cover your condo balcony with wooden tiles, using recycled plastic is a trendy alternative that allows you to be ecologically responsible.

These tiles come in a variety of authentic colours, so there is no need to stain or paint them. From a practical standpoint, they are also durable and easy to maintain, making them the perfect choice for high-traffic areas in your balcony.

Idea #2: Synthetic grass tiles

Synthetic grass tiles are great condo balcony design ideas.
As a high-rise condo resident, you don’t have ownership of a lush green lawn on your property (nor have to worry about the seasonal maintenance that comes with one!) However, you can still replicate the atmosphere of natural grass with its synthetic counterpart. These synthetic grass tiles can be placed strategically on your condo balcony, which will add a refreshing dash of green to your urban surroundings.

Like the recycled plastic flooring tiles, these synthetic grass inserts are manufactured with highly sustainable materials. They are also easy to install and simple to clean. If you miss having blades of grass tickle against your bare feet, you may enjoy recreating the experience with a patch of synthetic grass on your condo balcony.

Idea #3: Sustainable balcony furniture

Sustainable balcony furniture will define the aesthetic of your outdoor space.
Furniture plays a prominent role in your condo balcony design. Choosing the right chairs, tables, and love seats can define the aesthetic of your outdoor space. One of the popular design trends is to use recyclable materials as part of your furniture assembly. For example, you can use packing crates as an improvised table, or recycle wood to craft your own bench.

Bamboo wood is another sustainable alternative often used for balcony furniture. This plant is a popular choice because it grows very quickly without chemicals or pesticides. Bamboo furniture is strong, sturdy, and looks radiant under the glow of the afternoon sun. While bamboo root is not naturally resistant to rot, some simple maintenance will extend the furniture’s longevity and durability.

Idea #4: A swing seat

A swing seat can be a great idea for the condo balcony design.
Need more creative ideas for balcony furniture? A swing seat can add a fun, whimsical touch to your outdoor space. This piece of contemporary furniture allows for some gentle movement, making it suitable for a nap or to lounge in the cozy summer weather. If your balcony is big enough, you can even have a set of matching swing seats, so you can hang out on the condo balcony with a companion.

Idea #5: A cozy reading nook

Add a cozy reading nook to your condo balcony design.
Do you have a cozy reading nook in your condo? How about having one on your balcony so you can enjoy some fresh breeze while you read? The setup can be incredibly minimal and won’t take up much space. Simply place a comfortable chair and a small table in a corner of your balcony. You can enjoy sitting and relaxing with a good book, accompanied by a cup of tea and a light snack.

Idea #6: A balcony garden

A balcony garden can spice up your condo design.
Many condo residents are turning the condo balcony into a beautiful, green outdoor oasis. Within the boundaries of your balcony, there are limitless possibilities for gardening. You can opt for potted plants, hanging pots, and planter boxes that contain flowers, herbs, and succulents. For smaller balconies, you can place a vertical garden to save space. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still decorate the balcony with a variety of artificial plants.

Idea #7: Decorative lights

Decorative lights will add ambiance to your condo balcony design.
During nighttime, the view from your condo balcony can be mesmerizing, especially when it overlooks the city landscape. If you like to stay on your balcony long after the sun has left the sky, a completely functional and custom LED lighting system can add some ambiance to your long summer evenings. The decorative lights come with a wide array of settings and color options.  They can transform the outdoor aesthetic and make every summer evening extra special.

Whichever lighting setup you choose, a well-designed balcony can transform your outdoor condo space instantly. If you need help to decide which balcony flooring ideas suit your space and budget, reach out to the passionate experts at Designer Deck and take your outdoor living space to the next level.