Deck tiles are made from various types of wood, recycled plastics, and other such materials. You can even find artificial grass tiles to use as part of your deck tile design. When professionally installed, outdoor deck tiles provide a deck-like look and feel. You will be surprised and wonder why you didn’t upgrade to them sooner.

Outdoor deck tiles are one of the top trending exterior home improvement items that everyone wants. Unlike other types of outdoor decking, tiles, and flooring options, deck tiles offer several different benefits thanks to their unique and convenient design.

  1. Deck tiles are easy to install.

Unlike concrete, ceramic tiles, and long wood deck planks; deck tiles are quick and easy to install.  Once put together, the weight of the tiles holds them securely in place along with a friction fit process. There is no need for adhesives, glues, or grout to hold them together.

  1. Deck tiles can be installed over existing surfaces.

Another benefit of outdoor deck tiles is they can be used to give your outdoor areas a quick facelift and new appearance. Balconies, patios, decks, terraces, and even compacted gravel and concrete walkways can be upgraded and given a new look with outdoor deck tiles.

  1. Deck tiles create attractive designs and patterns.

You can mix and match deck tiles to create unique designs and patterns. There’s also the possibility of creating distinct areas of a surface for both aesthetic and functional appeal.  Using synthetic grass tiles with a plastic product for example, creates a different dynamic and defines sections of your outdoor space.

  1. Deck tiles designs are easy to change on a whim.

If you are tired of the current design of your outdoor deck tiles, you can come up with a new one and use your existing tiles. You just change the layout and placement for a fresh new look and appearance.

  1. Deck tiles can be removed and stored during the winter.

You can protect your investment into deck tiles by removing them during the colder winter months. They can be stored until spring and then reinstalled in the locations they were previously.

  1. Deck tiles can be swapped out.

In the event your deck tiles get damaged and need to be replaced, there’s only the need to address each individual one affected. With other outdoor floorings, you have to replace large areas or the entire surface which can be very expensive to fix.

  1. Deck tiles are low maintenance.

The only maintenance required with deck tiles involves cleaning them thoroughly underneath and on top, to ensure maximum air and water flow

  1. Deck tiles can be used without damaging rental properties.

You can put Personal touches on outdoor areas with deck tiles. Since they don’t require glues, nails, or adhesives, they will not damage the existing surface. Just make sure to get your landlord’s permission first.

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