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Can the Tile Be Installed Around Obstructions Fit to Any Shaped Surface

Can the Tile Be Installed Around Obstructions, Fit to Any Shaped Surface?

Absolutely! Our expert installer’s can customize your purchase to fit all surface shapes with any obstructions such as post pickets, circular columns and electrical units. Be aware that our installation is available in what we call a ‘basic’ or ‘custom’ cut as you desire. Additional fees vary for this detailed fitting and you may inquire with your sales executive for more information. When contemplating a transformative upgrade to your outdoor…

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Can You Lay a Whole Surface with the Grass Tile Insert

Can You Lay a Whole Surface with the Grass Tile Insert?

Can you lay a whole surface with the grass tile insert? Yes, you can lay a whole surface with the grass tile inserts. In the realm of outdoor aesthetics, striking the ideal harmony between visual appeal and practicality stands as a paramount challenge.  A revolutionary trend capturing widespread acclaim involves the integration of grass tile inserts, representing a modern solution that has surged in popularity in recent times.  These tiles…

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Is the Tile Easily Removed

Is the Tile Easily Removed?

Is the Tile Easily Removed? Yes, tiles are easily removed.  For centuries, tiles have remained a favored option for flooring, walls, and backsplashes. Their enduring popularity is owed to their strength, adaptability, and visual charm, making them a choice appreciated by many across generations.  However, one common concern among homeowners and interior designers alike is the ease of removing tiles once they are installed. Whether you are planning a renovation…

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How to Design a Beautiful Condo Balcony Garden

Living in a condo is a unique and exciting experience for urban dwellers, offering exclusive luxuries that cannot be found in a residential house. Having access to an outdoor balcony, which overlooks the metropolitan landscape, is one of the best features in your condo lifestyle. Within this comfortable and spacious area, many people choose to convert their condo balcony into a beautiful outdoor garden. Condo gardening is a fun hobby…

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