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A condo balcony is a great place for a quiet escape from today’s busy world. You can bask in the warm sunlight, get some fresh air, and enjoy a picturesque view overlooking the city. However, the balcony is also a refuge for dirt, dust, and bird droppings, which accumulate over time. Regular maintenance is essential to keep a condo balcony in a clean, sanitary and functioning condition.

Condo balcony cleaning is a task that requires considerable effort. Your balcony is constantly exposed to the natural elements, like rain and snowfall. It is also vulnerable to the airborne pollution from living in a large metropolis. If you reside in a high humidity area, the buildup of grime will only be amplified. As a result, your surroundings may deteriorate faster than expected, unless you commit to a regular condo balcony cleaning schedule.

Despite some of these challenges, you’ll be glad to know that your condo balcony can be restored to its beautiful appearance. From glistening windows to gorgeous condo balcony flooring without a speck of dust, a clean and spotless balcony is completely achievable. In fact, there are numerous easy tricks to keep your condo balcony neat and tidy.

Let’s check out these tips and best practices on how to clean an apartment balcony:

1. Clear all the items from your condo balcony

Balcony Flooring Toronto

Most people have furniture, flowers or plants, and other outdoor accessories in their balcony enclosures. These decorative items are used to give the condo balcony a more personal touch. However, such items can get in the way of your navigation, making it more difficult to clean the entire space properly. For this reason, you are advised to clear away all the items from the balcony before the cleaning begins.

If you have put a lot of thought into your current balcony design, you may feel slightly reluctant to dismantle your beautiful decorations. However, you can also consider this as an exciting opportunity to give your condo balcony a new makeover. There are so many different condo balcony ideas, which you get to implement after cleaning. With a new decorating theme and style, stepping into your condo balcony can transform into an entirely unique experience.

Before moving everything away, make sure you give each item a quick cleanse. Some items are prone to collecting dust and debris, which you don’t want to carry inside your condo. Use wet paper towels to scrub each item clean or switch to microfibre towels depending on how dusty the items are. If you find this tidying up process repetitive, consider having less clutter on your balcony in your next redesign.

2. Clean the condo balcony floor.

Balcony Flooring Toronto

Every item you move away may leave behind traces of dirt, which inevitably fall onto your balcony flooring. To get rid of the dirt, start your condo balcony cleaning with a quick and thorough sweep. Use the top-down cleaning method, which involves sweeping from the top part of the balcony and working your way downwards. Ensure there’s a trash bag nearby to dump all the residue you’ll sweep from the balcony.

After sweeping, follow up by using a wet/dry vacuum to access the hard-to-reach areas. For places with solidified dirt, you may need to scrub it out manually. Now is also a good time to inspect the physical condition of your condo balcony flooring. If the tiles are chipped, scratched, or damaged, the aesthetics of your condo balcony may be affected. On the bright side, this may be a fantastic opportunity to install new balcony flooring in your condo.

3. Clean the artificial grass on the balcony.

Do you have synthetic grass tile inserts in your condo balcony? The tiles come with a unique drainage system with perforated backings, which are designed to make the handling and cleanup process easier. Clean these tiles using a hose and spray down the artificial grass fibres. This helps to remove dust and small debris that may have accumulated over time.

After cleaning the tiles, some sections of the grass may look duller or flatter than expected. You can fix the problem by grooming the grass with a handled broom to brush against its natural grain. Doing this encourages each blade of grass to stand up properly.

Generally, it’s recommended that you clean artificial grass once a week. If you reside in a dusty area or have a pet, you may have to rinse your artificial grass more often.

4. Clean the condo balcony windows.

Just like the balcony floors, a significant amount of filth can accumulate on your windows over time. The various stains and smudges on your windows are often quite visible, especially if you leave the buildup unattended for too long. Not only does this look unattractive, but the bacteria stuck to your windows and frames may turn into an unsanitary health hazard.

To clean the condo balcony windows, you’ll need to apply some manual labour. An effective method is to scrub all the windows with a sponge. Scrubbing is necessary as it eliminates traces of visible dirt. You can also use a hose to spray your window glass before cleaning it thoroughly.

5. Power wash the entire condo balcony.

Once you have swept and vacuumed, a power wash is effective in cleansing your condo balcony. Grab a hose with a spray capability, and then give the different sections of the balcony a thorough wash. Do your best to reach all visible corners with the hose.

If you don’t have an enclosed balcony, watch out for water from the hose dripping onto the balconies below. To counter this issue, place towels over each section of the rails. This way, they will soak up the external splashes from the hose.

When you are finished with the washing, the next step is to wait and let all the surfaces dry naturally. Afterwards, your balcony should be restored to a pristine condition and you can start the exciting decoration process again. Just remember to keep up with the condo balcony cleaning task from time to time. With thorough and consistent cleaning, you can bring your balcony back to its original glory!