When you step outside onto your condo balcony flooring, you will find an intimate enclosure that overlooks the beautiful city scenery. This open balcony contains a lot of additional space, which can be used efficiently and creatively. You can easily convert your balcony into a functional room, renovating the outdoor space with a touch of style and imagination.

There are so many exciting ideas for turning your condo balcony into an entirely new room. In fact, you may be amazed at the versatility and functionality offered by your balcony space. For some condo residents, you may wish to convert your open balcony into a dining room, where you can enjoy a light snack under the sun. For others, the balcony may be reinterpreted as a study room, a mini kitchen, or even a separate bedroom for cozy afternoon naps.

Once your open balcony is converted into a room, get ready to spend many summer days and nights lounging in this comfortable outdoor space. You may like to begin your condo balcony remodelling with these following ideas:

1. Cover the floor with balcony deck tiles

Cover the floor with balcony deck tiles

The flooring is one of the most important details for converting a condo balcony into a functional aesthetic space. Many condo balconies are not built with attractive flooring as part of their original designs. You are likely to find a boring slab of concrete on your balcony floors, which will diminish the overall aesthetic in your outdoor space. If you want to elevate the design on your balcony, your flooring options need to be thoughtfully considered.

What is the best solution? You can use condominium deck tiles to give your flooring a luxurious makeover. These composite tiles will add style and sophistication to transform the appearance of your outdoor room. The tiles are easy to install and durable enough to withstand the natural elements. Also, the deck tiles are engineered with high-quality material, making them very comfortable for your bare feet (or a snug pair of slippers!)

It is highly recommended that you install the deck tiles before remodelling the rest of the condo balcony. With so many colours and styles available, the condo balcony flooring will establish the central theme of your room design. The floor will serve as the basis for many décor choices, ranging from the colour scheme to the furniture selection. Your deck tiles will also help you to achieve a stunning and complementary balcony room design.

2. Get comfortable outdoor furniture

Get comfortable outdoor furniture

Your balcony room will start taking shape once you include a set of stylish outdoor furniture. Make sure your seating arrangements are comfortable, practical, and well-suited for the intended purpose of your room. If you want to turn the open balcony into a living room, you should choose big comfortable chairs that allow for lounging and relaxation. If your balcony is converted into a study room, then you should pick a compact and ergonomic chair to pair it with an office desk.

You can add more outdoor furniture to improve the functionality or the appearance of your condo balcony room. Some popular furniture pieces include tables, shelves, storage containers, loveseats, and possibly an elegant outdoor bar. As you mix and match various items, make sure your furniture is sturdy and resilient. Your balcony may be exposed to unpredictable weather at times, so you don’t want to pick flimsy furniture pieces that will fall apart due to the rain or wind.

3. Give your balcony room some privacy

Give your balcony room some privacy

Privacy is necessary in your condo balcony room. Even though the concept of an open balcony may seem liberating, you also expect a certain level of discretion inside your own home. There are many classy décor options to conceal your balcony and turn it into a stylish enclosed area. Make good use of partition screens, bamboo fencing, curtains, blinds, or a canopy. For nature lovers, you may also be interested in using plants, flowers, and creeping vines to add a veil of privacy.

Another option is to install privacy screens, which can serve different purposes. If the view from your condo balcony isn’t that interesting, the privacy screens can give you a more pleasing backdrop. These screens will also protect you from the wind and rain, while providing shade during the hot summer days. Most importantly, the screens will offer a significant amount of privacy, allowing you to enjoy the balcony room in pleasant isolation.

4. Add some shade with a balcony umbrella

Add some shade with a balcony umbrella

If your condo balcony features a picturesque view, it is understandable that you don’t want privacy screens to obstruct the scenery. As an alternative solution, you may wish to get a large outdoor umbrella, which can shelter you from the sun and rain. This umbrella offers ample shade and shields you from the searing sunlight. Even on a particularly sunny afternoon, you can remain on the balcony under the umbrella without the urge to retreat inside.

In addition, an outdoor umbrella is a stylish accessory that will transform the look of your condo balcony room. The umbrella can be planted in the middle of a patio table, perfect for dining or reading. It can also be installed with an umbrella stand, allowing you to move the item anywhere on your condo balcony.

5. Equip your balcony room with lighting

Equip your balcony room with lighting

Your condo balcony will experience bright sunny days with hours of lasting sunshine, but it will also go through the occasional periods of cloudy overcast weather. For the days when natural lighting isn’t available, your balcony room will be stranded in darkness unless you have a secondary light source. Installing an outdoor LED lighting system is a great idea to keep your condo balcony room in well-lit conditions. These LED lights are beautiful, functional, and equipped with various brightness settings.

For extra ambiance, you may also decorate your balcony room with scented candles and handcrafted lanterns. As the sun leaves the sky, the candles and lanterns will add a whimsical aura, making the evenings on your outdoor balcony even more beautiful.

6. Decorate the room with cushions and rugs

Decorate the room with cushions and rugs

Finally, you can add a stylish touch to your condo balcony room with some tasteful decorations. Introducing bright, colourful fabrics can make the balcony feel like an authentic extension of your living space. Your cushion covers can be designed in warm, vibrant patterns that accentuate your décor. Also, you can decorate part of your balcony floors with a beautiful outdoor rug. Just make sure these decorations are durable, mildew resistant, and easy to wash if they get dirty.

Are you ready to convert your condo balcony into an amazing room? Get in touch with Designer Deck for the best condo balcony flooring options and let’s turn your space into a stylish outdoor sanctuary!