There are all sorts of things that can potentially ruin your outdoor tiles and destroy their beautiful finish. In fact, some of these things might not necessarily even come to mind;  In order to avoid making a mistake you may regret, we recommend reviewing the following tips and procedures.

  1. Using a power washer to clean the outdoor tiles.

Pressure Treated deck tiles in particular are chemically treated and cannot simply be removed by power washing.  However, like any other material, if you hold the power washer wand close enough and in one focused spot;  you stand the chance of burring the surface of wood and even blemishing plastics.

  1. Using harsh chemical cleaners to clean the outdoor tiles.

Store-bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will eat through the protective coating/sealants on the outdoor tiles. You should only use products approved by your outdoor tile supplier. The cleaners they recommend are designed to work specifically with the type of tiles you purchased.

  1. Not using pads on the bottom of outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture can have metal or steel feet that could scratch your outdoor tiles. You can purchase pads to apply to the bottom of furniture that have a felt bottom that sits against the outdoor tiles.  Without this protection, you will likely see marks due to dragging/pushing furniture around.

  1. Not keeping your dog’s nails trimmed.

If you have a dog, you want to make sure to keep their nails trimmed. Their nails could scratch your outdoor tiles and destroy the finish. The scratches and gouges in wood tiles could leave it exposed to water and other elements depending on how deep they are.  This in turn could cause mold or mildew build-up within the wood.

  1. Not cleaning up spills when they occur.

Spilt sugary sodas, fruit juices, or other beverages can ruin outdoor tiles. The sugar will dry into a sticky hard substance. The citric acid found in many soft drinks can eat away and destroy protective coatings and sealants.  Its advisable to wash the surface thoroughly with an approved cleaner and be sure to lift the product to access the same way underneath.

  1. Walking on the tiles with high heels.

A quick and easy way to damage outdoor tiles is to walk around in high heels. The pointed end of the heels can leave dents in wooden outdoor tiles. Heels will also leave scratches in plastic and wooden tiles that will be noticeable.

  1. Not cleaning the outdoor tiles.

Simply sweeping the tiles or rinsing them off in water will not keep them completely clean. You want to use an approved cleaning product and clean the tiles as recommended by the manufacturer.  More importantly, your outdoor flooring must be cleaning once if not twice a year thoroughly.  Regular cleaning will help maintain the finish and appearance of the tiles.

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