7 Modern Balcony Design Ideas for Condos & Apartments

Some condo balconies look strikingly beautiful, decorated with luxurious furniture, stylish flooring, and themed accessories. These modern balconies have such an exquisite appearance that you may believe they only exist in picture-perfect catalogues. However, you can easily replicate the design ideas at your own condo unit. With the right decorations, your condo balcony can transform into a showcase of contemporary beauty.

Your first step is to map out your modern balcony design ideas. You will have a much easier time decorating the condo balcony with an organized plan in mind. Start by brainstorming the latest trends in colours, styles, and themes for your condo balcony. Once you have settled on an overarching theme, think about the specific details like the furniture, the lighting, and the balcony flooring.

A modern condo balcony design will look stylish, trendy, and sophisticated. The right decorations can elevate your balcony’s appearance, turning the space into a gorgeous outdoor oasis that reflects your aspirational lifestyle. If you need some creative inspiration, check out these seven modern balcony design ideas for condos and apartments:

1. Choose modern balcony flooring designs.

Choose modern balcony flooring designs.

Many modern balcony designs begin with the choice of flooring. The floor is the biggest visible area in your condo balcony, so you need to carefully consider its style and appearance. The recycled plastic flooring is one of the most popular options among condo owners. With warm colours and lush textures, these floors add a majestic and clean feel to your balcony design.

Other popular trends include thermory hardwood, treated pine, and synthetic grass tile inserts. For those feeling extra creative, you can even mix and match between the different styles. Create a spectacular flooring pattern that is elegant, eclectic, and exclusive to your modern balcony design.

2. Decorate with modern balcony furniture.

Decorate with modern balcony furniture.

Match your beautiful condo balcony flooring with modern furniture pieces that make a statement. The furniture can come from the same designer collection, or you may shop for individual parts that go stylishly together in colour and theme. Some trendy options include chaise lounges, oversized egg chairs, or hanging outdoor loveseats.

Even if you have a smaller condo balcony, don’t let the size limit your imagination. There are plenty of space-saving furniture with a chic and contemporary appearance. Try folding chairs and tables that come with dual-purpose pieces. You can also complement your modern balcony furniture with matching benches, side tables, and ottomans.

3. Add modern balcony accessories.

Add modern balcony accessories.

The minimalistic style is very chic, but it won’t be very exciting if your condo balcony is only equipped with a chair and a table. Make your outdoor enclosure more inviting with different decorations and accessories. For instance, a beautifully patterned rug adds texture to your outdoor floor tiles. Large rugs with eye-catching designs are especially trendy nowadays. Complement the rugs with some durable floor pillows for a pop of colour and extra comfort.

In addition, all the surfaces on your balcony tables are opportunities for stylish accessories. Place pictures, candles, flower vases, and artistic trinkets that fit nicely on your side tables. To give your condo balcony a sophisticated feel, add a small bookcase filled with your impressive book collection. Make this reading nook comfortable with some blankets, so you can go outside any time and catch up on your favourite stories.

4. Extend your living room into the condo balcony.

Extend your living room into the condo balcony.

Many condo owners spend a lot of time in their living rooms, so why not extend that comfort onto the balcony? If you have the available space, try adding comfy loveseats and outdoor sofas as the statement piece in your modern balcony design. Match the seating with pillows, blankets, and area rugs that share similar contemporary designs. The goal is to make the space comfortable and functional, so you can convert the balcony into a secondary living room.

5. Create a dining area on the condo balcony.

Create a dining area on the condo balcony.

For bigger condo balconies, you can make a dedicated dining area. Eating outdoors can be a luxurious experience, especially when you have a great panoramic view of the city. In smaller balconies, you can still set up a casual nook for two people to dine. An outdoor dining area feels romantic, turning a typical dinner into an intimate evening with the sunset as your backdrop.

6. Set up a balcony resting area.

Set up a balcony resting area.

Wouldn’t you love to lounge, relax, and doze off gently on your condo balcony? Pick comfortable balcony furniture that reminds you of lounging on the beach and add tropical accents to create the illusion. For larger balconies, you can even hang a hammock for a cozy afternoon nap. If you want some solitude, set up a secluded space by using privacy screens. You can also add a stylish balcony umbrella to provide shade against sunny weather.

7. Start a condo balcony garden.

Start a condo balcony garden.

Add some life to your modern balcony design with plants and greenery. There are many options for your condo balcony garden, which include hanging pots, planters, and other containers for your favourite flowers. You can begin an herb garden or grow some vegetables outside. In smaller balconies, a vertical garden can save space, organizing all your plants into a compact location.