Your condo balcony is often an uncharted territory with lots of design potential. You can easily transform the appearance and ambiance in your outdoor balcony with just a few quick changes. A great place to start is by renovating your space with gorgeous new outdoor tiles. These condo deck tiles can add a sense of polish and perfection to any balcony.

Wooden tiles are popular options for balconies due to being easy to install and effortless to maintain. With many colours and styles available, you have a diverse palette for expressing your style, your personality, and your creativity in the condo balcony. Many condo residents enjoy the look and feel of wooden tiles, which help to create an enticing space within their outdoor enclosures.

Do you want to learn more about the different types of outdoor floor tiles for balconies? Check out these balcony flooring options that will spruce up your condominium:

1. Thermory hardwood outdoor tiles

Thermory hardwood outdoor tiles

If you want hard wood balcony tiles that will be strong and durable, thermory hardwood tiles are excellent choices. The thermory treatment involves cooking hardwood to change its cellular composition. The result is beautiful wooden tiles that are dimensionally stable and far less susceptible to cupping or warping with any traditional outdoor wood. They are also resistant to decay, moisture, mildew, insects, and fungus.

The thermory hardwood tiles are known for their resilient properties and can withstand the outdoor elements for many years. Whether your condo balcony is exposed to intense sunlight or heavy rain, these tiles will retain their original structure and appearance.

Due to their nearly indestructible nature, the amount of upkeep with thermory hardwood tiles is kept to a minimum. An annual servicing is recommended, which will involve cleaning the tiles as with any material line.  Oiling this type of wood is optional if you wish to retain the rich deep color.  However, to leave this type of wood and let it naturally age will not affect its performance, only its color (which some prefer).

2. Western red cedar outdoor tiles

Western red cedar outdoor tiles

Western red cedar tiles come in a soft reddish-brown colour with a lustrous finish. Since the base material is heavy and strong, it doesn’t crack or warp easily. These wooden tiles serve as a sturdy foundation for condo balconies, lasting many years.

The cedar wood contains a natural oil that gives it a distinctive aroma. This fragrant oil keeps your wooden tiles resistant to moisture and decay. It also repels insects effectively, so your balcony has a layer of protection from any looming termites, ants, mosquitoes, and moths.

Western red cedar is known as one of the most beautiful wood species in Canada. The features of Western red cedar wood come together to produce a warm, rustic aesthetic for your condo balcony.

3. Treated pine outdoor tiles with narrow boards

Treated pine outdoor tiles with narrow boards

If you are interested in giving a rustic finish to your condo balcony, you will enjoy the appearance of treated pine wood tiles. Your balcony will shimmer with the warm, elegant accents on these wooden tiles. The natural beauty of pine wood adds an authentic charm to your outdoor space. These tiles may evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity whenever you step outside onto your balcony.

Treated pine tiles are represented by their robust nature, so they will stand strong against harsh weather conditions and environmental decay. These exterior tiles are also popular due to their affordability. They make great options among condo residents seeking cost-effective wooden tiles for their balconies.

4. Treated pine outdoor tiles with wide boards

Treated pine outdoor tiles with wide boards

Treated pine wood tiles are available in different styles. You can choose between installing the wooden tiles made with narrow boards or wide boards. Even though both types are manufactured with the same base material, each offers a distinctive feel for your condo balcony.

The choice between wide boards and narrow boards is usually based on personal preference. The size of your condo balcony may also be an influencing factor. On larger balconies, you may prefer using wider boards due to the amount of flooring space available. On smaller balconies, using narrower boards may be more optimal to create a visually striking exterior.

5. Recycled plastic outdoor tiles with narrow boards

Recycled plastic outdoor tiles with narrow boards

If you want environmentally friendly condo deck tiles, then the recycled plastic tiles are great options for your balcony flooring. These tiles are made with using an innovative process to combine different types of plastic. They are designed to look just like hardwood tiles. In fact, the visual differences are so minimal that the plastic tiles practically look identical to their hardwood counterparts.

Recycled plastic tiles are known for being durable and easy to clean. After installation, the rest of the maintenance routine will feel relatively light and easy. You won’t have to worry about frequent repairs or touch-ups.

6. Recycled plastic outdoor tiles with wide boards

Recycled plastic outdoor tiles with wide boards

Recycled plastic tiles can be installed with narrow boards or wide boards. This choice is mostly based on your personal taste and style. In addition, these synthetic tiles are available in a variety of colours and shades. You can choose between a rich velvet chocolate colour, a neutral taupe palette, or a cool blend of blue and grey colours. No matter which design you choose, your condo balcony flooring is sure to look spectacular!

7. Synthetic grass tile inserts

Synthetic grass tile inserts

Synthetic grass tile inserts, or artificial turf, can add a fresh pop of colour to your condo balcony, and a soft landing for bare toes! Synthetic grass is incredibly durable, requires virtually no maintenance, and can add some soft texture to your balcony. Due to its plastic composition, synthetic grass tiles can absorb heat quite quickly. It’s recommended that you position the turf in a partially shaded area, out of direct sunlight.

Synthetic grass is a popular choice of outdoor floor tiles for parents of young children, because it creates a soft play surface. It is also easy to wipe down and clean, which is a bonus for parents and pet owners alike.

8. Mixing tiles

Mixing outdoor floor tiles

With so many beautiful designs available, you may not be able to decide which wooden tiles are best for your condo balcony. A popular option is to mix and match between the different materials or colours. You can create a rich, interesting mosaic that is unique and unlike any other condo balcony style. In addition to which, by mixing in some situations one can achieve distinct areas of use on their condo balcony.

No matter which type of tiles you choose for your balcony, Designer Deck’s products are all made with excellent quality, function, and style. Contact us to learn about our wide selection of condo balcony flooring and deck tiles.