Our pledge, Your planet

We understand your commitment to the environment and sustainable living, it’s a passion and mindset we’re all too familiar with. This, among other factors, is the underlying reason why Designer Deck strives to manufacture products that you feel good about. Take pride in your purchase, we’ve taken pride in building a product worthy of your investment.

Pressure treated pine

Our wood material is sourced from a selection of Canada’s leading forestry companies such as Resolute, Ecom and Tembec.We encourage you to browse their websites for a comprehensive overview of their positive role in the environment. In order to preserve these softwoods, a chemical process known as ‘pressure treating’ must take place. Designer Deck works with companies that support the proper and responsible use of chemicals by means of implementing programs and procedures that aim to protect our environment. Some of these practices include recycling the synthetics repeatedly during the wood’s treatment and reducing consumption of resources that have been deemed environmentally sensitive.

Recycled Plastic

Our plastic products are composed of a blend of recycled pre-consumer/post-consumer and virgin high density polyethylene. Unlike wood-plastic composite (WPC), the material we use is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, the process of manufacture involves no known harsh chemicals that may leech into the environment. Take note, that our plastic may not be currently accepted by many municipal recycling centers and curbside programs. Feel free to contact us for recycling options and we would be pleased to guide you accordingly.

Because our material does not absorb water, it won’t harbor harmful mold or bacteria. This ensures a healthier environment for you and the rest of the world.

Designer Deck’s recycled plastic lumber has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an environmentally responsible choice for landscaping and other outdoor applications. “Structures made from recovered plastic material do not require routine upkeep-saving paint, solvent, and labor costs. Plastic lumber also lasts many years longer than wood – greatly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.” – U.S. EPA Greenscapes Environmentally Beneficial Landscaping Report.

Grass Tile Inserts

We’ve take great pride in our “Green Initiative” by sourcing a supplier that uses both recycled and recyclable materials such as the cryogenic rubber infill (the “artificial dirt” in the artificial grass backing) that is made of 100% recycled tires. This cryogenic process eliminates metals and fibers from old tires to ensure the final product is non-toxic and safe for humans, pets and the environment. Designer Deck’s grass tile inserts, empower the consumer to do their part in assisting the cause for a healthy planet. By means of conserving water, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and emissions released from lawn maintenance equipment; Our grass tile’s impact on the environment is extremely minimal, yet versatile and appealing to those who crave a splash of nature in their outdoor space.

Thermory Hardwood

Thermal modification is an environmentally responsible process free of chemicals and non-toxic dust. It has been sourced from well-managed American forests and discludes the use of rainforest material. Due to this unique procedure, our North American White Ash tile exceeds industry standards and lasts much longer than competitive hardwoods, with a lifespan of 25 years or more.

Ambient Outdoor Lighting Systems

Our ambient outdoor lighting system, has the ability to last up to 27 years with an average use of 2-3 hrs/day. It uses sustainable LED bulbs for efficient and controlled use of energy. As such, its environmental footprint is minimal.