Thermory ash hardwood is derived from a revolutionary scientific heat treatment process leaving it impenetrable to rot and water. This technique was developed to provide consumers with an environmentally conscious decking option in place of traditional tropical hardwoods. Although this process was developedsome time ago, (originating in Europe as of the 1990’s) only recently have Thermory ash woods penetrated the North American market as a completely new option for suppliers and manufacturers in industries alike. It has since begun to gain traction as a popular alternative to commonly used woods in construction, due to their extreme durability and cost effective standpoint.

Thermory hardwood ash decking resists decay and rot but notably,does not require any chemicals to produce, which ultimately affect the pricing. Instead of traditional treating techniques, wood is made resistant using a thermal heating processes. Hardwoods like Ash, are placed into a large kiln where they are slowly heated to a temperature of about 205 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) and maintained at that level for several hours.

Since these high temperatures exceedthe combustible temperature of Ash wood, the specially designed kiln removes air and replaces it with steam. The purpose of the steam not only prevents the wood from combusting, but helps ensure the wood dries evenly. Without the steam, the exterior layers of the wood dry out too quickly and cause the wood to become brittle resulting in breakage. In addition, the steam helps to remove resins and sugars found in woods like Ash. It essentially cooks the wood and removes the materials that attract bacteria, mold, and insects.

The cooking process modifies the cellular composition of the wood resulting in a stable, water resistant decking product. Furthermore, contraction and expansion is greatly reduced, unliketraditional wood materials. When Thermories are first exposed to moisture or water, they have been proven to expand as little as a sixteenth of an inch (unlike other decking products that expand and contract as much as three-quarters of an inch) maintaining a stable size, hardness and even color, compared to the competition.

The initial color of Thermory hardwood ash decking varies in shades of a dark to chocolate brown. Like other hardwoods, this decking is susceptible to fading with exposure to the sun’s UV rays and will eventually begin to turn gray in color. In order to help protect against this, Thermory ash hardwood can be annually treated with an oil-based preservative, to ensure the original shade maintains its appearance.

Thermory hardwood ash is the reliable alternative for combating the harsh Canadian climate. Its durability is suited to withstand extreme temperature changes and stand up against snow removal. Unlike synthetic and Epe wood that can get scratched and nicked, this materialthwarts abuse effectively and is highly recommended if your heart is set on a beautiful hardwood floor for your outdoor space.

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