Laminate flooring can look like other flooring materials in their appearance. However, to get them clean you cannot treat them like other types of materials. They do require specific cleaning and care to keep them looking great. These tips will help teach you the right way to clean your laminate flooring.

1. Sweep and vacuum the flooring every week.

Debris, dust, and dirt left on the floor can get moved around with your feet and stuck in small cracks. When sweeping, make sure to use a broom that is appropriate for laminate to avoid scratching it. Vacuuming is the easiest way to clean the laminate, but you do need a hard floor attachment. You should never use a vacuum with a beater bar as this can scratch the flooring.

2. Mop the flooring after sweeping and vacuuming.

You will need a flathead microfiber mop or other laminate flooring-approved mop. Microfiber mops help limit the amount of moisture the floor is exposed to and the best solution when using an approved laminate floor spray product. When mopping, make sure to mop in the grain direction to avoid streaking.

3. Use the right cleaning products to avoid hazing.

Using ammonia-based cleaners, oil soap, bleach, lemon cleaners, pine cleaners, are not meant to be used on laminate flooring. Using these types of cleaners can ruin the flooring and cause a haze to form on the top of the flooring. Once you start noticing haze, it is difficult to remove.

All you can do is use the approved laminate flooring cleaning spray product and a microfiber mop and just keep working at it. Unfortunately, some damage may have already occurred by using non-approved cleaning products.

4. Wash the microfiber mop heads frequently.

When the mop head gets dirty, wash it in your wash machine. However, do not use fabric softeners as this will ruin the microfibers. Additionally, fabric softeners remain in the cloth and can cause your laminate flooring to start to haze.

5. Clean up spills right away.

Carefully blot up spills when they occur. Avoid rubbing the area, as the liquid can get in between the small crevices and cause problems later. After cleaning up the spill, spot treats the area with your approved laminate floor spray and microfiber mop.

6. Protect your flooring.

Dirt can easily get tracked indoors on your shoes. The best way to reduce the amount of dirt brought into the home is to use two doormats – one outside the door and another inside the door. You should also have a “no shoes” policy and never wear your shoes on your laminate flooring.

With furniture, make sure to attach felt floor protectors to the bottom. This way if the furniture is moved, you will not scratch your floor.

By using these tips, you can keep your laminate flooring looking great for a long time. To learn more about outdoor tiles and flooring for your home in Toronto and the GTA, please feel free to contact Designer Deck at (905) 669-5252 today!