When you are getting ready to sell your condo, you will want to make sure it is appealing for potential buyers. Not everyone will appreciate your own tastes and colour preferences. Staging techniques are essential to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, where people can start to picture themselves living in the home, which leads to purchase offers and faster sales.

There are several steps for proper staging of the condominium before you put it on the market. You can get started on staging long before you retain the services of a real estate agent by following these steps.

Step # 1 Remove Excess Clutter

This is the first step to proper staging. You want to empty out the closets and cabinets and make sure they are not crammed full. You will want to make rooms more spacious by removing specific pieces of furniture such as large sofas, end tables, dressers, wardrobes, and so on. In addition, this is a great time to go through your items, and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. For those items you want to keep, you will want to rent a storage unit and consider further de-cluttering your space for the staging.

Step # 2 Detail Clean the Home

A clean home is no doubt, appealing to anyone. Be sure to scrub down every inch of the home from the tops to the bottoms of the walls and baseboards, as well as in cabinets, drawers, around toilets, and so on. Make sure to wash and wax tiled or hardwood floors, as well as have all carpeting steamed cleaned.

Step # 3 Fix Anything That Is Broken

Take the time to replace, repair, or fix any items that are broken, not working correctly and/or has not had any attention in the way of maintenance for some time. Remember to keep records of the receipts and what work was completed to show potential buyers, in case they inquire.

Step # 4 Paint the Walls

Your real estate agent most likely will suggest repainting the walls in a neutral color. Tones and colors such as off white or light beige, are typically used when you repaint walls for resale. These shades usually help to deter any sense of imposing personal taste and allow the features of your home to speak to potential buyers, instead of getting hung up on a color they may dislike. However, if you’ve recently repainted in a currently trending colour scheme, you may want to leave things as they are.

Step # 5 Repair/Resurface Patios/Decks

If there are chips and cracks in your outdoor concrete or wooden patios/decks, you should consider resurfacing them. One viable resurfacing solution is having outdoor patio and deck tiles professionally installed directly over the existing foundation. Just remember to check with your condo association prior to renovating in order to get permission for any exterior repairs or resurfacing projects.

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