Over the years, there have been significant advances in outdoor décor options when it comes to your deck, patio, terrace or balcony. It is one thing to have a boring, drab, and generic outdoor area to enjoy and another to spruce it up and add your own personal touches.

The best part about outdoor tiling products are they are well suited for people, who rent an apartment or live in a condo. Not to mention, they do not require any screws, nails, or glue to apply, so they can be taken up and removed seasonally or should you move and want to take them with you.

***TIP: Remember to get permission from your landlord or condo homeowners’ association before adding outdoor tiling products.***

Hardwood Tiling Products

Hardwood deck tiles are made from various hardwoods. We specialize in a specific type of processed wood called thermory.  Although extremely expensive, this process gives you exactly what you pay for; Unlike conventional hardwoods, thermory treated wood leaves the material dimensional stable and protected against checking and warping.  By cooking the wood to just before the point of burning, the natural sugars are retained and water escapes, thus sealing the cellular structure or DNA of the material.  As such, it comes with a 25 year warranty to back this added protection up.  However, not all hardwoods are created equally or with the same quality as our hardwood tile.

There are other suppliers/manufacturers out there that sell lower quality hardwood tiling that people are often attracted to because of the cost and initial look.  Besides the obvious and reoccurring issues with cracking and warping,these species of hardwood require upkeep through oiling.  Although thermories also require oiling to maintain the rich deep look, they can also be left to naturally age without the headaches of this task.  Any natural hardwood that has not been exposed to the thermory treatment process would breakdown and deteriorates if left unattended.

Plastic Tiling Products

Plastic is a popular alternative to any species of wood. Just like hard or soft woods, it is important to select tiles made from quality plastics such as our recycled plastic tiles, which provide a sturdy and solid finish for high traffic areas. While you might be tempted to consider cheaper plastic products such as composites, you may want to consider the ramifications of dealing with these; a composite is typically composed of part plastic and wood dust.  When these materials are cut into, over time the wood component of the makeup has the potential to attract mildew, mold or fungus.  Due to the many market cases and lawsuits involving composite plastics, we use only pure polyethylene PVC plastic.

Astroturf/Grass Tiling Products

When you want to bring a bit of the greenery to your outdoor patio, patio, terrace or balcony, grass tiles are an ideal solution. Our grass tile products can be placed directly over any foundation or can be used as inserts in place of the other tiling products to achieve a two part design. The key difference between our grass tiles and others is we use 100% recycled rubber for the backing and secure them to Grade 2 wood sub-straights to ensure they last.

Why Designer Deck?

We frequently deal with customers who have tried a competitor’s product first and after about six months, notice the tiles are failing to withstand the Canadian weather:   Further, another common complaint involves tiles which have deteriorated, curled and cracked or  lost edge pieces that have fallen away due to poor installation.One of the key differences between the competition and us is we specialize in outdoor flooring.  By means of manufacturing and maintaining quality control, providing a reliable brand and service, we provide our customer with the highest quality product and experience.

Designer Deck offers a free home consultation to guide you through the process of your project effectively and professionally, leaving you with a result you can be proud of.  To learn more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.398.9263 today!