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In recent years, condo ownership has grown significantly in many areas throughout the GTA and surroundings. Part of the appeal in purchasing a condo over a traditional single family home, is the wide range of amenities new owners are enjoying. Amenities have become one of the major focal points used to compare the pro’s and con’s whilst shopping for a new home.

The list of amenities one may find at any given property, could easily vary from one complex to the next. Part of this variance is related to the neighbourhood where the community is located. Further differences can sometimes be as a result of community demographic, such as age among other factors. The following amenities may commonly been offered while shopping for a new condo:

  • Spas
  • Fitness Centres
  • Swimming Pools
  • Shared Private Resident Green Spaces
  • Dog Runs
  • Private Outdoor BBQ, Grilling, and Picnic Areas
  • Community Supported Gardens
  • Community Rooms
  • Private Lounges, Restaurants, and Bars for Residents Only
  • Shared Public Shops, Restaurants, Courtyards, Lounges, and Bars
  • Pet Spas and Daycares
  • Child Daycares
  • Pet Washing and Grooming Areas
  • Music Studios
  • Private Libraries
  • Rock Climbing Walls
  • Special Residents-Only Events, Demonstrations, and Seminars
  • Kitchen Appliance Sharing

One must remember that every community is unique and as such, not every amenity mentioned in the above list will necessarily be offered as part of the ‘package’.

While shopping for a condo and comparing amenities, it is important to determine which ones are of most benefit to you and your family; More importantly, what amenities will inject added value into the sale of your home at a possible future date. It does not hurt to make a list of “must-haves,” “preferred,” and “optional” amenities as a means of guidance during the search. This way you can narrow down your list of communities that are appealing to those that fit your specific criteria.

With More Amenities, Will Association Fees Be More Expensive?

Most of the amenities you’ll find at a condo community do not cost as much as you may think. In fact, most have maintenance costs tied to them, resulting in only a small fraction of the monthly association fees going towards the upkeep and support of these extras. In many cases, amenities are considered discretionary costs that have already been paid for ahead of time by the original project developer. On average, (even in communities with a longer list of amenities) only about 15% of the month fees are used to support them.

Designer Deck hopes you have enjoyed learning more about amenities at condo communities and how they can influence the decision of new home buyers. After moving into your new condo, you should consider customizing your outdoor patio or deck with our outdoor deck tiles and other products. Contact us at 905-669-5252 to learn more and book your free home consultation appointment today!

DISCLAMER: Condo owners, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from your condo board before making alterations to your private outdoor areas around your unit.