7 Condo and Apartment Balcony Ideas on a Budget

When you have an unlimited budget, the design possibilities for your condo balcony are boundless. However, you can enjoy just as much creativity even with some financial constraints in place. You would be amazed at how much a condo balcony can be transformed using a small and modest budget. As long as you have a creative vision, the best balcony design ideas only require a reasonable sum of money.

Depending on your budget, you may not have access to some of the more expensive or extravagant condo balcony decorations. Don’t think of this as a restriction, but more as an opportunity to try out other stylish alternatives. The best approach for decorating a balcony on a budget is to be practical with your purchases. You don’t need to spend thousands to craft a balcony aesthetic that is warm and welcoming.

Are you ready to give your outdoor space a gorgeous and affordable makeover? Here are the seven best condo and apartment balcony ideas on a budget:

Idea #1: Balcony Flooring

Quality flooring is one of the most important condo and apartment balcony ideas on a budget.

Regardless of the design, you should always reserve a portion of your budget for the balcony flooring. The floor is the largest surface area on any condo balcony, so it makes a memorable impression and demands your attention. Some popular balcony flooring includes thermory hardwood, recycled plastic tiles, porcelain pavers, grass inserts, and many stylish options. If you have the budget, there are also unique engineered hardwood shapes that are worth entertaining.

Along with the condo balcony flooring, you may want to include a rug to provide extra comfort under your feet. Rugs are especially great for sectioning off an open-concept balcony. Numerous rugs exist in different patterns, but make sure they are durable and weather-resistant. Most rugs are affordable and should not occupy a large part of your design budget.

Idea #2: Balcony Chairs

You can get comfortable condo and apartment balcony chairs on a budget.

Standing for a long time isn’t the most comfortable position on any condo balcony. Even a small balcony should have enough space for a leisurely seating arrangement. Spend a reasonable amount of your budget on the most comfortable balcony chairs. You want a cozy space to enjoy the sunset, the warmth of the season, and the cityscape surroundings.

In cooler temperatures, you may experience a gentle breeze while lounging on your balcony chairs. For times like these, it would be pleasant to have cushions and blankets at the ready. Just toss on a clean cover and curl up with your favourite book. Even in regular days, a throw and some cushions can make the condo balcony more comfortable, encouraging you to remain outside longer.

Idea #3: Balcony Tables

You can get matching balcony tables for your apartment or condo on a budget.

Chairs and tables go splendidly together on a condo balcony. Simply park the chairs next to a matching table, and you’ll create a versatile area that can be used for dining or otherwise. These table surfaces provide a convenient place to put drinks, food, and various trinkets. You can sit next to the table for hours and chat the night away with your guests.

A cool trick is to use wood tables on your condo balcony. This way, you can spray paint the wooden tables to duplicate the aesthetic with your other balcony furniture. These wood chairs and tables add a rustic vibe, creating an elegant ambience without the need to spend a fortune.

Idea #4: Gardens & Plants

Plants are affordable condo and apartment balcony ideas on a budget.

If you have limited funds, a condo balcony garden is a wonderful idea that doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. You can easily decorate the outdoor space with flowers, herbs, vegetables, and colourful plants. Based on your budget, you may either go for a simple potted plant or splurge more on a vertical garden. You can even complement the garden with synthetic grass tiles, transforming the condo balcony into a natural oasis.

Idea #5: Balcony Storage

Add some affordable storage options for your apartment or condo balcony.

Even a condo balcony can use a few sufficient storage and organization pieces. For a cost-efficient option, try using wicker baskets instead of shelves or containers. The wicker baskets don’t take up a lot of space and they add a rustic feel to your surroundings. You can even craft your own basket from scratch! Just make sure the baskets are heavy enough so that they don’t blow away on a windy day.

Idea #6: Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are reasonably priced and can be included in your condo or apartment balcony.

Privacy screens wrap around the frame of your condo balcony, helping to block out the world around you. They are sometimes necessary if you want a more secluded space away from your neighbours. You can shop for commercially manufactured privacy screens, which are priced at a reasonable range. For DIYers, you can create your own privacy screen with a material of your choosing, some twine, tape, and clothespins.

Idea #7: Balcony Lights

If you have the budget, balcony lights are great apartment or condo balcony ideas.

If you plan to spend any evenings on your condo balcony, lighting is essential. Candles are affordable choices for condo owners with small budgets. They can be placed strategically on tables to provide a bright light source when the sky turns dark at night. For those who have some remaining budget, you may be interested in LED outdoor lighting. These stylish lights create a beautiful ambience, making your condo balcony glow with a spectrum of colours.