Tables are essential in a condo balcony. From dining tables to coffee tables, each furniture option can enrich the appearance of your outdoor space. Many tables have practical uses, allowing you to store items, enjoy meals, or perform work. Other tables are primarily decorative, adding a refined beauty to your condo balcony.

Condo balcony tables come in different styles. Some condo residents use luxurious tables that exude culture and sophistication. Others prefer a minimalist approach, achieving elegance with simple and striking designs. Either way, you can create a classy aesthetic, matching the tables cohesively with your seating and balcony flooring.

You can mix and match multiple tables to enhance the function of your condo balcony. Check out these seven classy balcony table ideas for condos:

Elegant Dining Tables

Not all special moments play out at fancy restaurants. With the right arrangement, you can have an upscale event on your condo balcony. For smaller spaces, all you need is an intimate table for two. That way, you can create a romantic evening to share with your loving partner.

If you have enough room on your condo balcony, find a rectangle table that seats four to six people. Go for anything but plastic tables because we are shooting for class. Dress up the space with a fancy setting, using your best dishes and flatware. Your extra effort will impress guests as they sit around the table, making them feel special.

However, an elegant dining table is only half of the equation. You should pair the furniture with matching chairs and equally stylish balcony flooring. Your balcony table looks stunning when placed on top of thermory hardwood outdoor tiles, which are low-maintenance and highly durable. Plus, the tiles feel very comfortable for resting your feet. This beautiful condo balcony flooring will bring out the classy sophistication in your dining area.

Upscale Party Tables

A condo balcony is ideal for hosting parties and celebrating festivities, which requires a suitable table for group settings. Even if the gathering is very casual, it is still possible to add a touch of class to your environment. Pick a theme that suits you, like Caribbean or Mediterranean, and build your decor around it. The balcony table you choose can be a washed wood or rattan to fit the vibe.

Alternatively, you may want a white table with splashy dishes for that punch of exotic colour. Make a centrepiece with shells and some Beachwood. Complete the look with lots of candles. Next, upscale the food with shrimp, grilled vegetables, crusty bread, and strong cheeses. After adding friends and music, you will transform your meals into a resort-style grilling paradise.

Side Tables

Tables aren’t just for dining. They serve many utilities on your condo balcony, from storage spaces to decoration pieces. Your balcony can benefit from several side tables at the appropriate places, giving you additional surfaces to store your knick-knacks.

Bring the decor outside with you by placing a narrow side table up against the wall of your balcony. You can add family pictures and your favourite trinkets to remind you of your life adventures. Alternatively, accessorize the side tables with a few art pieces that speak to you. Next, dress up the table with a pretty fabric. As a final touch, include some scented candles to infuse the air with an aroma of luxury.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a popular companion to your main seating area. After a meal, you can migrate from the dining table to the coffee table to continue group conversations cozily. This versatile table can have a storage compartment to store your wine glasses. Stow a few handwoven blankets that you can use during colder days. Also, a few extra pillows are always welcome.

You can accessorize the coffee table with upscale decorations. Bring class the way you see it, whether with crystal salt bowls or a hand-carved wooden animal. In addition, your coffee table goes splendidly with the western red cedar outdoor tiles. These majestic flooring tiles will accentuate the beauty of your condo balcony area.

Railing Tables

Your balcony railing is another convenient location for table placement. You can connect a small table next to the railing, allowing guests to grab some drinks and snacks. You can set up your main table for dinner, but this portable railing table will give you more space for a classy affair.

Corner Tables

Sometimes, it can be tricky to decorate the awkward corner space in your condo balcony. Fortunately, adding a corner table is the perfect solution. Transform any dark corner with a plush chair and an oversized side table. You only need a tiny bit of space to put a fancy lamp and your favourite books.

Sitting by the corner table, you can sneak some quiet moments sipping oolong tea as you escape into your novel. For a special touch, add a few candles to gently light up the evening as you relax and share a drink with friends.

Multi-Use Tables

Keep in mind that your balcony tables are versatile. Even though their primary functions might be dining or working, you can still use them for other purposes. There are different ways to combine uses for your table, including craft projects and balcony gardening. Switching the table’s utility can be a creative way to redecorate your condo balcony.

For example, using the condo balcony as your home office is an innovative outdoor workspace idea. Your balcony table becomes the desk during work hours. Since most of us use laptops, tablets, and smartphones to conduct business, this worktable is not a permanent fixture. When you finish work for the day, the desk becomes your everyday table again.