Outdoor deck tiles are easy to install and beautify your outdoor spaces. They are available in a variety of materials including various woods and recycled plastic. They are designed to last a long time with the proper care and regular maintenance to keep your outdoor spaces looking great and lasting.

In the winter months, when you may not use your outdoor deck or patio as much, it is important that you keep the following in mind;  With little to no maintenance required at all, these few small but significant tips will help you to keep your new investment in top notch condition.

Tip #1: Use a soft-bristled brush to remove snow.

Do not use a snow shovel on your deck tiles if you must clear a path to an entrance. Even the hard-plastic ones will likely leave nicks, scratches and deep gauges on the tiles. It is better to use a soft-bristled brush to brush off remaining (lighter) snow, after removing the top layer of snow that buries the flooring.

Tip #2: Never use salt or icemelt on the deck tiles.

Salt and icemelt may seem like a good idea to get rid of snow and ice but can ruin the finish on your outdoor deck tiles. If you are removing snow regularly and not allowing it to accumulate, then ice should not be a major issue. If ice does form, just wait for temperatures to get above freezing. Unfotunately any abrasive or chemically made ice melt or even sand can scratch and eat away at the material.

Tip #3: Wash the tiles to remove dirt and dust.

On days that are above freezing, you can use an approved deck tile soap to wash and rinse away dirt and debris that collects on your tiles. You can use a soft sponge mop to scrub the tiles lightly to get at deeper debris. Make sure to rinse the soap completely off after washing. Never use a scouring pad or other harsh scrubbing pads on the tiles as these can scratch the finish.

Tip #4: Enclose your deck or patio.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors in winter, consider having your deck or patio enclosed. Doing so not only lets you enjoy this outdoor space in winter, but also keeps snow, ice, and rain off your stunning deck tiles.

Tip #5: Have your outdoor deck tile installer remove the tiles before winter.

You may consider removing your outdoor deck tiles before winter hits. You can store them indoors in a closet or large storage area until you are ready to have them re-laid in the spring. This tip is perfect for people in condos and apartments with small decks or patios but not necessarily larger installations.

By protecting your outdoor deck tiles through the winter, they will last longer. If you have wood tiles, check with your installer to see if you need to reseal the tiles, how often, and which approved product to use.

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