5 Outdoor Dining Room and Kitchen Balcony Ideas for Condos

As the weather gets warmer and cozier, dining on your condo balcony seems like an attractive option. Imagine eating a hearty breakfast as you watch the sunrise or enjoying a candlelit dinner under the twinkling stars. You may also want to consume an afternoon snack or sip your favourite beverage while lounging on the balcony chair. You will feel delighted by the delicious meals paired with the stunning city view.

What if there is an easy way to bring your kitchen and dining room outdoors? Converting your condo balcony into an open-space dining area is a surprisingly simple project. Your outdoor kitchen will come to life after adding a few appliances, comfortable furniture, and beautiful balcony tiles. With the right décor, cooking and dining on the condo balcony can feel like a luxurious experience.

Here is a guide on how condo residents can convert the balcony into a dining room and outdoor kitchen:

Kitchen Balcony Idea #1: Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture is one of the best kitchen balcony ideas.

Depending on your condo balcony size, you can fit either a small or large dining table in the allotted space. A tiny table creates an intimate dining experience, allowing conversations to flow more cozily. Meanwhile, a larger table enables you to host parties and gatherings, injecting liveliness into your group meals. Either way, you will want to pair the dining table with comfortable chairs that have back support.

The material quality is crucial when you choose outdoor balcony dining furniture. While the furniture’s aesthetics are important, you should also pay attention to the long-term practicality. Any tables and chairs will endure long hours of sunlight, extreme temperatures, and volatile climate conditions. You want to pick durable materials like wood furniture, which can stand sturdily against the natural wear-and-tear.

In addition, consider adding storage space to your kitchen balcony. You want a secure area to store plates, cutlery, cups, paper towels, and other kitchen essentials. That way, you won’t need to make multiple trips indoors to retrieve these items before every meal.

Kitchen Balcony Idea #2: Flooring Tiles

Flooring tiles are one of the best ideas for an outdoor kitchen balcony.

Your condo’s kitchen balcony can come alive with gorgeously designed flooring tiles. Many condo balconies come with drab floors by default, but you can upgrade their appearance by installing new tiles. You have many versatile styles, including hardwood, treated pine, elevated porcelain, or wood plastic composite. Each option will enhance your condo balcony, transforming it into an elegant and luxurious dining space.

Best of all, condo balcony tiles are known for being easy to clean and maintain. Even though spills and accidents might happen on your kitchen balcony, you can easily wash these tiles without hassle.

Kitchen Balcony Idea #3: BBQ & Other Appliances

A BBQ is one of the best kitchen balcony ideas.

Many condo residents can’t barbecue in their indoor kitchens because there’s no place for the smoke to go. Fortunately, a kitchen balcony gives you the open space to grill your favourite foods. First, check whether your condominium permits the use of outdoor barbecue equipment. Once you get the all-clear, you can place a small BBQ grill in your outdoor kitchen.

Condo residents can become expert grill masters, cooking various steaks, burgers, and seafood on their BBQs. There are also plenty of meat alternatives, like veggies or fruits, for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy. A BBQ is the perfect match for your condo balcony, allowing you to cook tasty foods all summer long.

Alternatively, you can fill your condo balcony with other small kitchen appliances to make food and drinks. For example, a coffee machine and a portable toaster will help you prepare a delicious breakfast every morning.

Kitchen Balcony #4: Bar & Drinks Station

A bar and drinks station is one of the best ideas for an outdoor kitchen balcony.

Do you enjoy drinking a cold beer or a sassy alcoholic beverage occasionally? If this idea sounds appealing, you may want to set up a minibar on your condo balcony. Designate an area for a drinks-making station, where you can store alcohol and glassware. Similarly, you can convert this minibar for other general beverages. Use this station to serve coffee in the mornings or tea in the afternoons.

If there’s room on your condo balcony, you might consider including a small fridge or cooler to store beverages. That way, you don’t have to go inside every time to quench your thirst. You can quickly reach over and grab a cold drink while enjoying the sunny weather on your kitchen balcony.

Kitchen Balcony #5: Outdoor Garden

An outdoor garden is one of the best kitchen balcony ideas.

A condo balcony is an excellent spot to set up a tiny outdoor garden to complement your kitchen. Grow various fruits, herbs, and vegetables, which you can use as fresh ingredients for your meals. The ability to harvest your food brings a sense of pride and fulfillment for many condo residents. Some popular condo balcony gardening options include tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries.