Advantages of Prefabricated Outdoor Decking Tiles

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Unlike the long boards used for deck planks, which are cut to length and fit to match the required lengths needed to cover the outdoor surface, outdoor deck tiles are prefabricated, square pieces, which easily connect together quickly. In most cases, you do not need to nail, screw, or glue our deck tiles to the surface.

Rather, our products are designed to be assembled and placed directly over the existing patio, terrace, balcony, or decking surface. Deck tiles provide the same structural integrity and support and further enhance it.

Do keep in mind if there is severe damage to the underlying surface, it will need to be replaced/repaired, prior to installing deck tiles to guarantee the proper safety and support. Concrete slabs would be the only exception to this, so long as they only have minor chipping and cracking.

Other benefits of prefabricated deck tiles include:

1.      Easily cover up unsightly stains and fading. Deck tiles provide a great solution for covering up current imperfections while offering stylish and elaborate patterns to give you the flexibly to design and create your own unique finished appearance.

TIP: Experiment with two or more different colors when you want an original one-of-a-kind look.

2.      Installation only takes a day or less, in most cases. Depending on the actual size of the area where you are installing deck tiles, it is easy to complete the process in just one day and you can start enjoying your new outdoor area right away!

3.      You can install them yourself or use a professional. Our deck tiles are easy to install if you have the right tools and general DIY knowledge or you can have one of our professional installers do the work instead.

4.      They work well in smaller areas and outdoor spaces. In big cities, like Vancouver and Toronto, where homes have smaller outdoor areas, you can still have an original appearance with our deck tiles.

5.      Provides a great solution for apartments and condos. Since our deck tiles do not require nails, screws, or glues for installation, they allow renters and condo owners the flexibly to customize their outdoor areas and are easily removed at the end of your lease or if you decide to sell your condo, but want to take your deck tiles with you.

6.      You only have to replace a single tile in the event of accidental damage. Should an accident occur, resulting in damage to the deck tiles, you only have to replace those tiles with damage, not the entire section of decking.

In addition to homeowners, condo owners, and apartment renters enjoying the benefits of using our deck tiles, many condo developers, condo associations, and builders are also discovering the benefits of our outdoor solutions for use in shared common areas and public spaces.

To learn more about our outdoor deck tiles, lighting solutions, or for design inspiration and ideas, please feel free to contact Designer Deck at 1.800.398.9263 today!

REMINDER FOR CONDO OWNERS: It is essential you obtain permission and approval from your condo board prior to the installation of deck tiles in outdoor areas.

How Is Thermory Ash Hardwood Decking Made?

This process is fairly new to the North American market where in fact, it has actually existed for quite some years now in Europe.  Designer Deck is the only company offering exclusive access to a deck tile that has been thermory heat treated.  This revolutionary technique involves cooking hardwoods to the point of almost burning, thus altering the cellular structure of the wood and sealing it permanently.

This treatment process renders the material impervious to moisture decay, mildew, termites and fungus.  In addition, thermory treated woods are far more dimensionally stable with respect to cupping and warping, which typically affect any outdoor woods.  This process was also developed as an eco-friendly decking option for consumers looking for a solution beyond traditional hardwoods.

Since their arrival, thermory products are growing in popularity as an alternative and viable solution to using commonly treated materials, largely due to their durability but most notably, the ability to withstand the elements for long periods of time without the need for any chemicals or oiling.

Thermory hardwood decking uses specific thermal heating processesin place of traditional chemical-based wood treating techniques. Ash hardwood is placed into a large kiln where the wood is slowly heated to around 205 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the wood reaches this temperature, it is maintained at this level for several hours.

During this process the materialcomes close to exceeding its actual combustion temperature. In order to prevent the wood from combusting, steam is then introduced into the kiln and the air is removed. The steam also helps to ensure the wood dries evenly. If steam was not present, the exterior layers of the wood dry out quickly rendering it brittle and susceptible to breaking.

It also helps remove sugars and resins contained in ash hardwood. By using steam to assist in cooking the wood, this process further extracts the previously noted elements, leaving hardwood’s such as Ash resistant to insects, mold, water, and bacteria.

When you are looking for a reliable decking product, capable of withstanding harsh Canadian weather and temperatures, Thermory ash hardwood decking is a perfect choice, especially if you want a stunning hardwood deck. It is designed to stand up against snow and extreme changes in temperatures. Additionally the hardness of the wood makes it resistant to nicks and scratches;A physical attribute commonly favored by those who invest inEpe and synthetics.

The shade of Thermory ash hardwood decking varies from a dark to chocolate brown. This original colour can be preserved and maintained by treating it annually with an oil-based preservative. Alternatively, if the wood is not treated, it will still maintain its durability but fade to a weathered brownish grey over time due to sunlight exposure.

For additional information about Thermory ash hardwood deck tiles in Toronto for terraces, direct installs over existing decking, or patios, please feel free to contact Designer Deck at 905-669-5252 today! We look forward to answering your questions and helping you find the best decking solution for your home!

Get Settled Faster in Your New Condo with These Great Tips

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Buying your first newly built condo in Vancouver or Toronto is a fun and exciting experience since you will be the first to live in it. Getting settled into the new community and your home should be a smooth process, especially if you consider using the following tips before and after you have closed on your home and taken procession of it.

Tip #1 Start Packing Sooner Rather Than Later

Once you have confirmed the closing date, get moving boxes and packing materials so you can start packing up your current home. It is better to use this time wisely, so you can carefully pack, label your boxes, and be ready for your upcoming move.

Tip # 2 Get to Know Your Condo Board/Association

Attend condo owners meeting and introduce yourself to the association members. Prior to your move, you may want to reach out to the board to find out if there are any specific rules or regulations you need to know, such as specific move-in hours, designated loading/unloading zones, and other such details you will want to know.

Request a copy of the community and homeowners’ rules so you will have a better understanding of the requirements and guidelines. In addition, you can also find answers to other important questions, like parking, using shared common areas, using shared amenities, accessibility, and processes required if you want to remodel/renovate or make other changes to your home.

Tip # 3 Contact Utility Companies for Shut Off/Connection Service

Most utility companies will expect a two to three week lead time. With your new home, some of the utilities may already be on and only need to be transferred into your name, or might be included in your condo association fees.

Tip # 4 Change Your Address

Take the time to notify the post office and change your address on any important documents, like your driver license, vehicle registration, insurance policies, bank accounts, and so on.

Tip # 5 Try to Clean the Condo Prior to Move In

Even if the home was previously cleaned by the builder, it may not be up to your specs. Cleaning ahead of time gives you one less headache to worry about and gives you a wonderful fresh start. If you cannot do this ahead of time, then try to clean-as-you-go while you are unpacking and getting settled into your new home, or clean the condo while the movers are still packing up your current home.

One of best parts of owning your own condo is being able to make your own personal touches. At some point, you will want to remodel, renovate, or update the look and appearance of different areas within the home, such as adding deck tiles to your balcony, terrace, or patio from Designer Deck.

Just remember to always check with your condo board before making any changes and get permission, especially for outdoor areas. To learn more about Designer Deck’s condo patio, balcony and terrace deck tile and flooring products, and lighting solutions, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.398.9263 today!

Buying a Condo : Advantages versus Disadvantages

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Given the number of new condo projects in Vancouver and Toronto, it is no wonder more and more people are taking the plunge of buying a home by purchasing condos. Unlike traditional home ownership, the “Condo Lifestyle” does have its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should carefully weigh and consider before signing a purchase agreement.

Advantages of Condo Ownership

1.      Affordability – Condos tend to cost less than semi-detached and detached homes. Plus, it is often easier to secure financing with a smaller down payment.

2.      Amenities – Condos come with a wide array of onsite amenities for the residents, such as health centers, swimming pools, dog spas, dog runs, outdoor private parks and grilling areas, book clubs, and more. Many of these added perks would be financially out of reach for first-time buyers considering a traditional home.

3.      Maintenance – Condo ownership provides you with a laid-back lifestyle where you do not have to worry about most types of maintenance, from landscaping to exterior and roof maintenance. Plus, many communities provide maintenance for heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other interior mechanics.

4.      Security – Condo owners feel safe and secure in their homes thanks to onsite security guards, security gates, security doors, in-home security alarms, and other such safety features.

5.      Easy Access to Public Areas – Many condo communities are conveniently located near entertainment, dining, shopping, community parks, bike and jogging trails, public transport stations, and other businesses.

Disadvantages of Condo Ownership

·         Association and Maintenance Fees – All those added perks do come at a cost, but they are divided among all the residents. Although, in some communities, these fees also include hydro bills and property taxes.

·         Rules and Regulations – Condo boards will have rules and boundaries for just about everything outside the home, from the accepted usage of common areas, appropriate community behavior, guidelines for making renovations to your home, and more. While the rules might seem like a hassle, they do benefit you when you have inconsiderate neighbors.

·         Less Privacy – “Condo Living” is similar to living in an apartment. Your neighbor’s home is often built right up against yours. This could result in some added noise, but your association does have rules in place that specify “quiet times” and acceptable noise levels they regulate within reason.

·         Home Value Appreciates Slower – Compared to traditional homes, the value of condos can take longer to appreciate. However, with the housing market constantly changing, this is not always the case and many condos in highly sought after neighborhoods in Vancouver and Toronto have appreciated must faster.

Even though there can be drawbacks to buying a condo, the number of people opting for this lifestyle is steadily on the rise thanks to the numerous benefits they gain. Additionally, many condo boards are willing to approve interior and exterior improvement projects to allow people to put their own personal touches on their homes, such as adding outdoor deck tiles to the balcony or patio.

To learn more about Designer Deck’s condo patio, balcony and terrace deck tile and flooring products, and lighting solutions, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.398.9263 today!

Affordable Outdoor Remodeling & Fixes to Increase Your Property’s Value

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Whether you are considering putting your home on the market to sell it or want to give your outdoor areas a fresh new look to improve the curb appeal of the home, there are several different outdoor remodeling tasks and fixes you can do that can increase the value of your home.

Outdoor Maintenance

The exterior appearance of your home is the first thing you see when coming home after a long day at work. Your neighbors also have to drive by your home and will notice when things start to look like they need some TLC. Sprucing up the outdoors in the springtime and the fall can help improve the appearance of the home make it one of the most stunning ones in your neighborhood.


  • Lawn – Pull weeds and edge along the driveways, sidewalks, and other areas. Fill in bare areas with sod for faster results, compared to using grass seed.
  • Trees & Shrubbery – Trim trees and bushes and remove any dead branches or leaves.
  • Flowers – Plant colorful flowers in flower beds along the front of the home.
  • Mulch – Add a fresh layer of mulch around trees, shrubbery, and flower beds.

Home Exterior

  • Siding – Power wash vinyl or aluminum siding to remove mold, mildew, and stains. For wooden siding, you can also power wash it before added a fresh coat of paint.
  • Driveway, Sidewalks, and Entry Way – Power wash these areas and fix any cracks or broken pieces. You can also get outdoor floor tiles installed over the sidewalk and the front entryway of the home to give it an upgraded and stylish appearance.
  • Garage Door & Front Door – If you are selling your home, get a new garage door and front door installed. Not only will it increase the value of the home, you will recover most of what you invested. Another option is to power wash the doors and paints them a new trendy color.


Having functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces does add value to your home. Outdoor deck tiles can do wonders and give these spaces a fresh new look that is much easier than building a brand new deck or patio. Plus, they are perfect to use under and around gazebos and other outdoor sitting areas.

Increasing Property Values for Condo Owners and Condo Building Owners

One effective way to increase the value of your condo is to get deck tiles installed on your balcony or patio. Just remember to get permission from your condo association ahead of time.

Condo building owners can add appeal for prospective buyers by updating outdoor areas, like rooftop terraces, common on many condo building in the GTA. From adding outdoor BBQ grills and installing hardwood deck tiling over existing surfaces, you can make this area stunning and attractive to current and future residents.

For assistance in selecting the best outdoor deck tiling products for your deck, patio, balcony, the rooftop terrace, or other outdoor areas, contact the experts at Designer Deck by calling 1.800.398.9263 today!

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