Rustic Line

Pressure Treated Wood – Outdoor Tiles (Narrow Board)

Bring the warmth of the cottage lifestyle to your doorstep with the classic feel of wooden balcony deck tiles, as a substitute for the traditional deck. Our durable pressure treated pine tile stands up to nature’s elements while retaining its natural beauty.  With no staining or further treatment required, you’ll enjoy the excitement of your new outdoor flooring without the hassles of maintenance and for years to come. This cost-effective solution is ideal for those who desire a rustic finish and they are well suited to any application of your choice including patio resurfacing as a popular upgrade option.

Note: Installation styles available – Checkerboard
Images: Treated Sienna Brown

Product Features:

  • Horizontal and lateral drainage when laid directly on a foundation
  • Does not include risers for additional water/air flow (available upgrade)
  • Composed of 13 recycled plastic ‘narrow’ slats
  • Comes pre-equipped with built on treated wood risers*
  • Composed of 13 pressure treated wood ‘narrow’ slat boards
  • Chemically treated to withstand rot, decay, termites and fungus
  • Available for custom order without risers*
  • 2 year protection repair service included
  • 35 year limited warranty

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (Assembled w/out riser)

H: 1” x W: 23.75” x L: 23.75”

Dimensions (Assembled w/riser)

H: 1.75” x W: 23.75” x L: 23.75”

Dimensions (Surface Boards ea.)

H: 1” x W: 1.25” x L: 23.75”

Weight (Assembled w/out riser)

6.82 lbs. / 3.09 kg.

Weight (Assembled w/riser)

9.14 lbs. / 4.15 kg.


PAD (partly air dried) grade 2 wood or better - spruce/pine mixture