How Is Thermory Ash Hardwood Decking Made?

This process is fairly new to the North American market where in fact, it has actually existed for quite some years now in Europe.  Designer Deck is the only company offering exclusive access to a deck tile that has been thermory heat treated.  This revolutionary technique involves cooking hardwoods to the point of almost burning, thus altering the cellular structure of the wood and sealing it permanently.

This treatment process renders the material impervious to moisture decay, mildew, termites and fungus.  In addition, thermory treated woods are far more dimensionally stable with respect to cupping and warping, which typically affect any outdoor woods.  This process was also developed as an eco-friendly decking option for consumers looking for a solution beyond traditional hardwoods.

Since their arrival, thermory products are growing in popularity as an alternative and viable solution to using commonly treated materials, largely due to their durability but most notably, the ability to withstand the elements for long periods of time without the need for any chemicals or oiling.

Thermory hardwood decking uses specific thermal heating processesin place of traditional chemical-based wood treating techniques. Ash hardwood is placed into a large kiln where the wood is slowly heated to around 205 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the wood reaches this temperature, it is maintained at this level for several hours.

During this process the materialcomes close to exceeding its actual combustion temperature. In order to prevent the wood from combusting, steam is then introduced into the kiln and the air is removed. The steam also helps to ensure the wood dries evenly. If steam was not present, the exterior layers of the wood dry out quickly rendering it brittle and susceptible to breaking.

It also helps remove sugars and resins contained in ash hardwood. By using steam to assist in cooking the wood, this process further extracts the previously noted elements, leaving hardwood’s such as Ash resistant to insects, mold, water, and bacteria.

When you are looking for a reliable decking product, capable of withstanding harsh Canadian weather and temperatures, Thermory ash hardwood decking is a perfect choice, especially if you want a stunning hardwood deck. It is designed to stand up against snow and extreme changes in temperatures. Additionally the hardness of the wood makes it resistant to nicks and scratches;A physical attribute commonly favored by those who invest inEpe and synthetics.

The shade of Thermory ash hardwood decking varies from a dark to chocolate brown. This original colour can be preserved and maintained by treating it annually with an oil-based preservative. Alternatively, if the wood is not treated, it will still maintain its durability but fade to a weathered brownish grey over time due to sunlight exposure.

For additional information about Thermory ash hardwood deck tiles in Toronto for terraces, direct installs over existing decking, or patios, please feel free to contact Designer Deck at 905-669-5252 today! We look forward to answering your questions and helping you find the best decking solution for your home!

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